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Linux Journal Cool Projects eBook


Product Description

This brand new special-edition ebook is full of how-tos and projects that will get you coding, hacking and getting the most out of your tech gear. This collection of articles from many of our most popular authors is sure to spice up your eBook collection.

Detailed Description:

Look at These Cool Bits—and Bytes!

Here at Linux Journal, we figured 2012 needed something cool. Then we thought, wouldn't it be even cooler if that cool thing could fit on the head of a pin? And so the Cool Projects E-Book was born. It's made entirely from ones and zeros, and if stored as charged particles, it would easily fit on that pinhead. Thankfully, we arranged the ones and zeros in a way that makes this e-book readable on most e-readers, both hardware- and software-based.

In fact, Dan Sawyer addresses the issue of e-books with his article on Calibre, the e-book conversion and management software. If you're hoping to do more than convert documents, Dan also covers creating e-books. If you're remotely interested in e-books (which seems apparent if you're reading this), you'll want to check out his articles. If you're interested only in reading e-books, that's okay too. Kyle Rankin describes a cool way to read on (of course) the command line! If you think vim is the best way to edit documents, you'll probably love Kyle's method for reading e-books.

Kyle doesn't stop there, however. He takes us on his quest for the perfect homebrew beer. One of the key steps to making the perfect brew is maintaining a constant temperature. Kyle shows how to use Linux to control a USB thermometer and refrigerator in order to make the perfect brewer. I haven't tried his homebrew yet, but it's certainly got the geek factor going for it.

If Kyle's brewing projects don't interest you, he's also included some standard geek fare, including a tutorial for hacking into a home router. If you think every good project should begin with exploiting a PHP vulnerability, this article will be right up your alley. If you think your computer might be vulnerable to prying eyes, Kyle has that covered too with his step-by-step process for locking your computer automatically when you walk away. Bluetooth is for more than just static-laced phone conversations, it can be used to trigger events as well.

If you're interested in creating your own Mad Libs or would like to get turn-by-turn driving instructions, Dave Taylor explains how. And, he does it with scripting! It's not just a terminal window that can be the staging ground for fun, however, your Web browser can be even more awesome! Paul Freitas teaches how to leverage HTML5 in your projects. James Walker takes the opposite approach and shows how to manage a Web-based CMS without ever clicking a mouse!

If your idea of cool projects leans more toward the "fun and games" direction, we totally understand. Mike Diehl agrees with you and shows how to create games using Blender. No, not like that "will it blend" guy, but he demonstrates using the Blender Game Engine. Amit Saha goes one step further and gives a primer on programming physical coolness with the Arduino.

We have a bunch of other cool projects for you in this e-book as well, from mobile music management to developing your own Facebook applications. We know "cool" means different things to different people, so instead of picking a couple things and making you choose, we included a ton of cool projects. We hope you enjoy it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be dancing on the head of that pin, along with all these ones and zeros.

--Shawn Powers

Purchase of this product includes both .epub and .mobi file downloads.

*Purchase does not include eReader or any other device.

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